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From start to finish, your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why our process is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.


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Receive a written proposal with panel placement, production and savings breakdown, and financing options. Our expert project managers will work with you to design the solar solution that fits your needs, leaving you with no unanswered questions.

site assessment

The last step is for one of our professional contractors to come and inspect the roof. They will confirm that it is strong enough for solar, and they'll take the measurements we need to submit the final permit.


Our team of engineers will draft general plans, including specification pages to comply with all regulations for the building and safety, planning, engineering, and fire departments, as well as the city codes per your county and state. Once the plans are approved by the city, we will work with you to determine the best time to move forward with our white glove installation of your system.

meter request

We contact your utility company, and with your permission we apply for NET metering so that you are able to share the surplus power you generate and receive credits for overproduction, which roll over to the next year to offset the cost of power drawn from the utility. We request a meter spot so that your utility company can approve the meter location or arrange for the installation of an appropriately placed one.

white glove

During the white glove installation of your custom system, our team makes sure that your home is treated with utmost respect and that every last trace of construction is cleared from your property. Our installers are bonded and insured, so can rest assured knowing that you are in expert hands.


Upon completion of installation, we schedule a city inspection. For the inspections, we will be prepared with OSHA safe ladders, the original approved set of plans, and the job-card ready to be signed off on.

permission to operate

As soon as the final city inspector approves the job card, we submit it online to your utility company and request Permission To Operate. As soon as approval is received, we can turn your system on and set up the monitoring system.

enjoy the savings!

Sit back and let the sun do all the work as you enjoy the benefits of green energy.


We monitor the performance of each panel; if anything were to ever go wrong, you would be the first to know. You can see the performance measures online, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. With our 25 year factory warranty, you know that all your system will be performing at the highest level.


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