About Us

In Business Since 1990

Expertise in energy savings and energy production.

Busy Bee has been a part of the green revolution since the beginning.

We were founded in 1990 and have experienced the rapid transitions in technology and consumer demands within the industry. During this time we have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses convert to green energy, and we realize that not every customer has the same end-goal in mind. Some customers want to take back control of their power from the electric company, some want to help the environment, and some simply want to save money.

Regardless of your end goal, Busy Bee can help you get there.

The years of experience has allowed us to become one of the premier solar companies in Southern California and across the globe. Our constant search for newer technologies and skill-sets has allowed us to meet with leaders from around the world to help bring solar and battery storage to their country.

While we’ve come a long way, we still enjoy working directly with every customer to help find the perfect solution for them. We can help customers with: